From flower buds to grass roots, our skilled lawn and garden crews maintain the beauty of your landscape with each successive season.


Container Design & Decoration

Winter Plant Protection

Irrigation Maintenance

Weekly Lawn Care

Routine Garden Bed Maintenance

Aesthetic & Structural Pruning & Trimming


Weekly Lawn Care

Site Structures helps clients keep their lawns looking their best throughout the year. From residential to commercial properties, we provide the appropriate care through mowing, trimming, fertilizing, seeding and aeration.


Garden Maintenance & Weeding

Our crews are trained to maintain your garden beds and assess plant health & aesthetics with great attention to detail. Services include weeding, deadheading, perennial maintenance, annual plant installations & decorative displays.


Trimming & Pruning

Experienced crews will assess the health and structural quality of your trees & shrubs and apply the appropriate techniques to maintain aesthetic quality & plant health. Services provided include pruning woody shrubs & trees and trimming of hedges & shaped shrubs.



Seasonal Flower Installation

No matter the season, Site Structures ensures that your landscape is looking its best. Whether it’s to add specific interest with each season or extra flair for a special event, our professionals get the job done.



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